Cell Phone Carrier


Perfect for running out the door when you have no need to carry a  purse.

This cell phone carrier not only carries your cell phone, it has a back pocket for your glasses (or what-nots), a long detachable leather strap, and a darling credit card holder that you can detach (yes, it attaches to your cell phone carrier so that you do not lose it while reaching for your cell phone).  The detachable credit card holder was created so that it can also be used with all other purses.   



Colors:  Red, Orange, Chartreuse, Hot Pink, Yellow, and Green Printed Reptile Leather.

Credit card holder can be interchanged in any color available.


Prices: $40.00 Solid colors

            $45.00 Printed reptile leather (limited edition)


Printed leather credit cardholders.  Can also be used for your business cards.

                   2.5" x 4"  $15 ea.

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