Custom Face Masks

These custom-made face masks are made with beautiful imported textiles.  Face masks are 100% cotton, hand-blocked,  lightweight, and offer a perfect fit.

These face masks leave about a half-inch to an inch between the nose and mouth area.  You need breathing space!  A bendable metal piece is sewn into the fabric for a snug fit on the bridge of the nose. In addition, a thick flannel strip is sewn between the nose and mouth area to act as a barrier for any loose particles. Round elastic is used for ear loops and is outfitted with tiny toggles whereby one can adjust the ear loops for a good fit.


 A second face mask with a pocket for a Hepa or coffee filter is available.  Included with this mask is a thick 12oz cotton duck cloth strip(waterproof) or a heavy felt strip(your choice). 

All face mask orders will require two measurements of the face.

  • Custom Face Mask                        $15

  • Custom Face Mask With Pocket       $18

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